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Drop Fiber Enclosure Kit (DFE)

Cat No: DFE100/101/104

The Drop Fiber Enclosure Kit is used to facilitate repairs of fiber optic cables. Common fiber sizes of 8.1mm, 5.4mm and 5.1mm rectangular cables, and 3.0mm and 5.1mm round cables are accommodated with the supplied sealing gaskets.

Both fusion splices (total of 24) and two mechanical splices are securely positioned within the IP68-rated, GR771 compliant enclosure. The enclosure can be permanently buried or mounted onto the side of a building.

Two DFE enclosures are typically used to repair a drop fiber as there is typically not enough slack cable to reconnect the fibers.

The DFE provides a splice point location within the network build as well as a demarcation point at the premises.

Three versions of the DFE are available:

  • Drop Fiber Enclosure Kit (DFE100): Two Port In-Line
  • DFE101: Two Port Stub
  • DFE104: Four Port

Drop Fiber Enclosure Kit (DFE)Drop Fiber Enclosure Kit (DFE)Drop Fiber Enclosure Kit (DFE)Drop Fiber Enclosure Kit (DFE)Drop Fiber Enclosure Kit (DFE)Drop Fiber Enclosure Kit (DFE)Drop Fiber Enclosure Kit (DFE)Drop Fiber Enclosure Kit (DFE)Drop Fiber Enclosure Kit (DFE)
  • IP68 rated for buried applications
  • GR771 compliant
  • Accommodates up to 26 splices
  • Individual gaskets for 8.1, 5.4 and 5.1mm rectangular and 3.0 mm and 5.1 round cables
  • Fast assembly with common tools
Drop Fiber Enclosure Kit, Two Port in Line
Drop Fiber Enclosure Kit, Two Port Stub
Drop Fiber Enclosure Kit, Four Port
Attribute Name Attribute Value
IP Rating IP68
Compliance Telcordia GR771
Cables Sizes 8.1mm, 5.4mm, 5.1mm rectangular, 3mm and 5.1mm round
Mechanical Splice Locations 2
Fusion Splice Locations 24
Size 8.85 x 4.72 x 1.34 (225 x 120 x 34mm)
Weight 0.66lb (0.3kg); 0.8lb (0.36kg) (DFE104)
Material Polycarbonate (UV resistant)
Color Black
Operating Temperature -40 to +80C
Storage Temperature -40 to +80C