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920CL Optical Fiber Cleaver

Cat No: 920CL

UPC No: 783310078524

The 920CL cleaver provides fast and accurate fiber cleaves that can be used with any fusion splicer and for preparing fibers for use with mechanical connectors.

When the fixed clamp is installed the fiber is securely held in place and is capable of cleaving 200-micron, 250-micron, 900-micron, 3mm, ribbon, and bowtie fibers. The dust bin collects all fiber end cuts for safe disposal.

920CL Optical Fiber Cleaver
  • Cleave singlemode and multimode fibers
  • Precision-engineered blades accurately cut fibers for minimal loss
  • Over 48,000 cleaves blade lifetime
  • Dust bin safely collects fiber end cuts
  • Fixed clamp for maximum versatility and standalone operation
  • Cleaves single fiber, ribbon cables & loose tube fibers
920CL Optical Fiber Cleaver