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200FP Filtered Tone Probe

Cat No: 200FP

UPC No: 783310086727

The 200FP Filtered Tone Probe is designed to identify and trace wires or cables within a group without the need of removing insulation. In addition, the 200FP has been specifically designed to filter out all power-related noise to eliminate “Power Line Hum”. The unit is constructed of durable ABS plastic, and an optional leather carrying case, 200C, is available. The 200FP is also available as part of the Model 801K kit.

When the 200FP is active, but not detecting a signal, the LED will flash momentarily (every 4 seconds) as a visible ON indicator and a reminder. When a tone signal is detected by the probe, the signal LED will serve as a signal strength indicator: The brighter the LED, the stronger the tone signal detected.

Patented – Patent #6946850

200FP Filtered Tone Probe200FP Filtered Tone Probe200FP Filtered Tone Probe200FP Filtered Tone Probe
  • Used with any tone generator for faster and more accurate cable and wire identification
  • By selectively filtering out 60Hz (or 50Hz) and its harmonics, the 200FP can be used with any tone generator for faster, more accurate, cable and wire identification
  • Can be used in limited-space areas
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Conservative battery life, uses two AA batteries
  • Reduced risk of shorting terminals
  • Slim, comfortable design
  • Recessed on/off push-button control
  • Adjustable sensitivity/volume control
  • Blended carbon/plastic tip
  • Patented
Attribute Name Attribute Value
Application Used With Any Tone Generator For Faster, More Accurate, Cable And Wire Identification
Frequency Rating 60 HZ
Type Filter
Country of Origin US