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About Us

Tempo Communications (trading in the UK as Tempo Europe Limited) was formerly known as Greenlee Communications and before that as Chesilvale Electronics. We have been supplying test equipment to British Telecom and openreach for over 30 years. In 2001 Chesilvale Electronics was acquired by Greenlee Textron Inc, a US-based Company, itself part of the larger Textron Inc. organisation. In 2018 Textron sold its Tools and Test division (Greenlee) to Emerson corporation. In February 2019 Tempo Communications Inc. purchased the communications test side of this business. The current company name reflects the Communications focus of our team, the customers we serve and the products we offer. We can supply a wide range of tools and test equipment suited to the needs of openreach.  Many of these products are supplied to the major telephone companies around the World.

All our European shipping is managed from our Distribution Centre in Netherlands.

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