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Hello, my name is Bob

Bob is to tools what Prince was to music…adored by fans, renowned for his craftsmanship, and known by a single, one-syllable name. Where Prince wielded the guitar as his tool of choice, Bob is a master of the Tempo Probe, but is equally gifted with a wide array of Tempo and Paladin branded instruments.

Hailing from the heart of a non-descript, working-class Slavic town (somewhere very cold), Bob grew frustrated with his inability to walk the streets of any Eastern European city without being chased by selfie-hungry, screaming technicians. While he understood their admiration and need to pick his brain for all things tool-related, he needed a change!

So, in 2019, he headed to the US of A in search of the glorious golden arches and the orange glow of the Tempo “T.” Bob had heard about a mighty, independent test equipment and instrumentation company called Tempo Communications that had emerged from a recent acquisition of Greenlee Communications; he had to be a part of this success story.

As Bob explains: “Eastern Europe loves Bob, so why not US and A?!? It is my new secret mission to share expert knowledge of tools on technicians of Americas. Tempo tools and apple pie…they are great! I immediately come to home of Tempo in Vista, California. Someday I will live America dream. I will get above-ground pool, classical Fiero, see many Hollywood movie stars, buy many Cabbage Patch dolls for my wife and help Tempo dominate all competitors.”

No matter how you spell his name, forward or backwards, it spells Bob, simple, reliable and consistent, just like Tempo and the Paladin brands.

Welcome Bob to the Tempo Communications team. He is excited to become the technicians’ new best friend!

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