VISTA, CA – January 14, 2021


Tempo Communications today announced the launch of the Opti-Clean Reel Cleaner and Cleaning Swabs to properly clean fiber optic connectors and ensure optimal performance of fiber networks. One of the biggest hurdles a fiber technician faces is ensuring that fiber is clean and free of contaminants, adhering to the tenet that clean fiber is happy fiber. The latest products from Tempo make cleaning fiber bulkheads and connectors easy and convenient.

The Opti-Clean Reel Cleaner is an essential tool used to clean fiber optic connectors. It is the best dry method for cleaning fiber optic termini such as SC, LC, FC, ST, E2000 and other common connectors. The Real Cleaner is powered by lint-free, anti-static cleaning tape which effectively and efficiently cleans the entire ferrule end face. The cleaning tape can be easily replaceable with disposable fiber spools.

The Fiber Cleaning Swabs, available in 1.25mm and 2.5mm sizes, are the perfect partner to use with the Reel Cleaner as they get to spots that it cannot reach. The precision swabs are used to clean bulkhead ferrules and inside mating sleeves. As a result, they clean the entire ferrule end face. The disposable swabs are intended for single use and come in packs on 100.  

Tempo’s new fiber cleaning products reaffirm its commitment to developing relevant fiber solutions that are easy to use and simplify the technician’s job, enabling them to provide exceptional service and exceed customer expectations. They reinforce the notion that “clean fiber is happy fiber!”

Tempo is an industry leader in delivering relevant, comprehensive test and measurement solutions at a variety of price-points to ensure that every technician has the tools and equipment to get the job done right the first time. To learn more about Tempo Communications, including its innovative fiber products, go to, or call 800-642-2155. Follow Tempo on social media at @TempoComms.

About Tempo Communications

Tempo Communications, Inc. (formerly Greenlee Communications brand) offers a complete line of reliable, industry-leading test and measurement solutions to address all stages of network deployment, enabling the development, installation, and maintenance of xDSL, Fiber, Cable, Ethernet, Wireless and Irrigation networks. Tempo also sells professional grade Paladin hand tools and the DataShark line which is directed at the do-it-yourselfer. The Tempo Communications North American headquarters remains in Vista, CA, with its European HQ in Cwmbran, UK.