VISTA, CA – March 23, 2020


Spike becomes the newest member of Tempo’s industry-leading electronic marker and locator family

Tempo Communications today announced the launch of Spike—a tall, narrow marker designed to mark underground plant in small, cramped spaces that are not conducive to larger electronic markers such as its Omni Marker II electronic markers. This latest product offering reinforces Tempo’s commitment to provide innovative, job specific tools and test equipment at the right price for every technician to make their jobs as easy as possible.

Spike is a tall, narrow marker with a maximum diameter of 21 mm and a length of 100 mm (or just over .75 x 4 inches). Because of its sleek and slender design, Spike is ideal for near-surface utilities buried in narrow trenches.

“Spike is literally a ‘spike,’ as the name implies,” said Mark Govier, product manager for Tempo Communications. “They are supplied in industry standard color and frequency combinations, and with existing marker locators, such as our EML-100, can be detected reliably to a depth of at least one meter or three feet depth. Just push them into the soil above the utility as you backfill the trench.”

With this initial launch, Tempo is offering a Spike for Telephone (Orange) and a Spike for Gas (Yellow), and will eventually offer models for non-potable, CATV, Sanitary, Euro Power, Water, and Power.

Unlike a larger ball shaped marker, Spike markers are ideal for marking plant like telephone cables, fiber-optic ducts, as well as irrigation, water and gas lines run in shallow ducts and spaces outside the home. They can also be used to mark things like hand-holes and small connection splices. Technicians also have the option to use a fixing kit to more permanently attach them to ducts.

Tempo remains an industry leader in delivering relevant, comprehensive locating solutions at a variety of price-point to ensure that every technician has the tools and equipment to get the job done right the first time. To learn more about Tempo Communications, go to, or call 800-642-2155.

About Tempo Communications

Tempo Communications, Inc. (formerly Greenlee Communications brand) offers a complete line of reliable, industry-leading test and measurement solutions to address all stages of network deployment, enabling the development, installation, and maintenance of xDSL, Fiber, Cable, Ethernet, Wireless and Irrigation networks. The Tempo Communications North American headquarters remains in Vista, CA, with its European HQ in Cwmbran, UK.