VISTA, CA – August 15, 2019


Omni Marker II delivers new design and enhanced technology for a safer, more precise dig

Tempo Communications today announced the launch of its Omni Marker II electronic marker balls, complete with a patent pending, self-leveling feature and large-diameter coil structure for optimal locating precision. Free of hazardous materials, the Omni Marker II builds on the company’s 30 years of experience in designing industry-trusted and reliable electronic marker ball and marker technology to identify and locate buried utilities, splices, fittings and more—helping to avoid costly damage and enhance safety.

A product of the innovation that drives Tempo Communications, the environmentally friendly, lightweight and highly durable Omni Marker II marker balls are engineered to allow technicians to “fit and forget.” Once a marker ball is installed, the coil will settle and provide a strong field that is easy to detect for years, within a 5-foot range, with a signal peak directly above the spot for precision locating within inches. Tempo Communications achieved an extended range of 5 feet in its original Omni Marker ball, and this has been carried over into the new, enhanced design.

“Tempo has been a technology leader in electronic marker balls for three decades,” said Jason Butchko, president and CEO of Tempo Communications. “With the launch of the Omni Marker II, we have elevated this leadership position to a new level with a truly innovative, reliable solution that allows technicians to dig safe, dig right and save time. They can have confidence in the product they are using, which is what we strive for in all of our offerings.”

The Omni Marker II contains no hazardous chemicals or fluids, batteries, or active components. Each unit is constructed using highly reliable and durable materials to ensure maximum product life. In addition, the Omni Marker II uses industry standard frequencies, making it compatible with any electronic marker locating device system, including the industry leading locators from Tempo Communications.

For more information on the Omni Marker II, go to, or call 800-642-2155.

About Tempo Communications
Tempo Communications, Inc. (formerly Greenlee Communications brand) offers a complete line of reliable, industry-leading test and measurement solutions to address all stages of network deployment, enabling the development, installation, and maintenance of xDSL, Fiber, Cable, Ethernet, Wireless and Irrigation networks. Tempo has emerged as a leading provider of next generation test and measurement solutions in the ever-evolving global communications landscape. The Tempo Communications North American headquarters remains in Vista, CA, and maintains its European HQ in Cambrian, UK.