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“The Right Tools for Service Activation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting in the Metro and Transport Networks.”

Consumers are increasingly opting for more bandwidth hungry applications and services which invariably add complexity and drives demand for improved manageability. There are, however, challenges meeting SLA requirements for service availability, throughput, delay/jitter and packet loss. Tempo Communications offers industry-leading innovation with the broadest portfolio of test and measurement solutions, enabling service providers with the right tools for service activation, maintenance and troubleshooting in the Metro and Transport networks. Our tools offer an unmatched pedigree in providing fast, reliable results with a consistent user experience independent of a technician’s skill level.

Main Applications with Unmatched Value

Carrier Ethernet& Mobile Backhaul

Single instrument provisioning and assurance testing TDM, PDH, and Ethernet based backhaul networks.

Service Activation and SLA Verification

Using advanced Y.1564 and legacy RFC2544 methodologies, proving SLA compliance and ensuring quality of service for end users.

1G/10G Ethernet

Validate and turn up 1G/10G business services with simple to use, fast to learn tools.

Legacy DSO/ TIMS

Continued support for analog voice and data circuit testing allowing seamless network migration verification in a single platform.

Fiber Characterization

Providing the tools for provisioning and certification of fiber networks ensuring compliance to desired network traffic.