Testing Wi-Fi Readiness
From Your Home

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A powerful tool used to survey brand new installations or large/particularly troublesome locations

Overcoming the Wi-Fi Challange

AirScout Residential allows technicians to accurately measure and convey the current Wi-Fi enfirnmental, and improve it using heat maps to visually communicate what level of service customers can expect in each area of thier home

Main Features

AirScout provides visibility into the whole-home Wi-Fi user experience, identifying issues and suggesting solutions thereby enabling technicians to up-sell services, reduce Wi-Fi related customer service issues by to 75% and achieve almost 25% more installs.


Real World Stress Testing

AirScout enables service providers with a tool that replicates the complex Wi-Fi home environment enabling the home for Wi-Fi readiness and optimizatio


Distilling Complex Measurements into Wi-Fi Readiness

AirScout provides technicians with a tool that distills complex measurements into easy to understand metrics.


Full Integration

Airscout is an automated tool that is already integrated into the technician’s workflow.


Intelligent Channel Selection

AirScout brings intelligence to the process measuring, over time, the types and amounts of traffic that each of the access points are passing.


Optimal Access Point Location

AirScout provides a simple to understand location within the home that brings the optimal coverage and user experience eliminating the need for trial and error.


Reducing Wi-Fi Related Service Costs

AirScout ensures that the user experience over Wi-Fi networks meets consumer’s expectations before the technician leaves the home.