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Cat No: 468R-G

UPC No: 783310078852

The Tempo Communications 468-G Modular Cable Tester and Wiremap Tester is used to test four-pair data and voice cable links terminated with standard, modular, eight-position RJ45 jacks. It features sequentially lighting LEDs corresponding to each wire for easier diagnosis of mis-wires than conventional, pair-checking testers. The built-in tone generator easily identifies cable at remote locations. Connecting the receiver unit automatically activates the test process. Sequencing red and green LEDs provide fast, accurate and easy-to-understand results. This handy tester identifies open and short circuits, reversed and transposed pairs with an alert if connected to an active circuit without harming the unit. Shielded ports test both shielded and unshielded cabling. It tests cables to T568A, T568B (AT&T 258A/10 Base T) and USOC wiring standards.

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  • Easy to interpret red/green LED indications of bad/good connections
  • Spares: 468R (receiver), 468T (transmitter), 468C (case)
Attribute Name Attribute Value
International Harmonize Code 8517620020
Country of Origin US
Item Status Date 08222017