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PA1257 LC CST CATV “F” -2 Level

Cat No: PA1257

Legacy UPC No: 769328109351

  • Self-regulating tension
  • Adjust cutting depth on each blade for varying cable thicknesses with the included hex key
  • Pre-set for common strip lengths
  • Blades adjust for strip dimensions other than our standard pre-set units
  • Patented – Patent # 6526661

PA1257 LC CST CATV “F” -2 Level
Attribute Name Attribute Value
Application For RG59, RG6 And RG6 QUAD CATV 'F' (Preset For RG6 CATV 'F')
Blade Type Adjustable
Preset Strip Length 0.236 IN Outer Jacket
Replacement Part PA2263 Replacement Blade
Type LC CST, 2 Level
Country of Origin TW