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LAUNCH CABLES – Discontinued


The technician will use a launch cable on the input and output connectors of the fiber under test. This allows the technician to characterize the insertion and return loss of the input and output connectors of a fiber link.

Using a launch cable at the beginning of the fiber under test will allow the technician to measure all events directly after the OTDR bulkhead during troubleshooting procedures to compensate for OTDR deadzones.

Each launch cable is supplied in a soft carry case for convenient and safe storage.

LAUNCH CABLES – Discontinued
  • Universal compact design
  • Rugged construction
  • Troubleshoot the input connector and the initial fiber span that may be masked by the deadzone of an OTDR
  • Characterize input and output connectors and the entire fiber link

1000m Singlemode Launch Cable SC/APC
1000m Singlemode Launch Cable SC/UPC
2000m Singlemode Launch Cable SC/APC
2000m Singlemode Launch Cable SC/UPC
150m Multimode Launch Cable (50/125)
500m Singlemode Launch Cable SC/APC
500m Singlemode Launch Cable SC/UPC
Attribute Name Attribute Value
Fiber Type G.652D (SM), G.651 (50 micron MM)
Insertion Loss <1dB @ 1310nm
Pigtails 3mm up-jacket, L = 1m
Connector Type SC/UPC (2) or SC/APC (2)
Size 7.1' x 3.8' x 1.3' (180 x 96 x 33mm) (2km), 6.3' x 3.8' x 1.3' (160 x 96 x 33mm) (1km), 5.5' x 3.8' x 1.3' (140 x 96 x 33mm) (500m, 150m {MM})
Weight 2.2lbs (1kg) (2km), 1.32lbs (0.6kg) (1km), 0.77lbs (0.35kg) (500m, 150m {MM}