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EML 100 Electronic Marker Locator

Cat No: EML100

Legacy UPC No: 783310607984

The Marker-Mate Electronic Marker Locator (EML-100) built by Tempo Communications is designed to locate buried electronic markers, including Tempo OmniMarker™ and UniMarker™ models at industry standard frequencies.

The EML-100 re-sets the industry standard with the updated capability of detecting nine different electronic marker types simultaneously, when in “scan” mode (power, European power, water, sanitary, telephone, fiber optic, gas, cable TV, non-potable water). The EML-100 is also user-selectable for any one of the marker types.

Patented – Patent #7095231, 7170411

EML 100 Electronic Marker Locator
  • Designed to locate buried electronic markers, including Omni Marker, and Uni Marker
  • Five+ foot depth range
  • Detects up to seven different marker types
  • Scan mode provides simultaneous detection of all marker types
  • User-adjustable Detection Threshold
  • Digital signal processor accuracy
  • Large-character display is easy to read
  • Bar graph, numeric & audible signal strength indicators
  • Speaker volume adjust
  • Headphone jack
  • Battery level indicator
  • Low battery warning
  • Adjustable time out feature prolongs battery life (and can be turned off)
  • Weather resistant
  • Rugged construction
Attribute Name Attribute Value
Battery Life 20 HR Typical
Dimensions 30.700 IN Length X 7.800 IN Width X 12.800 IN Height
  • Operating Temperature: -4 DEG F to 122 DEG F
  • Storage Temperature: -40 DEG F to 158 DEG F
Sub Brand Marker-Mate
Type Electronic
Weight 4.5 LB
Country of Origin US