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DISCONTINUED – GVIS 300 Video Inspection Scope

Cat No: GVIS300 MP-USB

UPC No: 783310005407


The GVIS300 enables the technician to view the ferrule end-face or bulkhead after cleaning and before connecting. This will ensure that the connectors are free from contamination and damage. If a connection point is damaged or contaminated, no further damage will occur and once the offending connection point is resolved, a high-performance fiber link can be commissioned.

The GVIS300 Monitor w/USB option includes, Probe, SC Bulkhead and 2.5mm Universal Adaptor tips, battery charger, basic cleaning kit and hard carrying case.

DISCONTINUED – GVIS 300 Video Inspection Scope
  • Quickly inspect, test and troubleshoot
  • Obtain PASS/FAIL results at the touch of a button
  • Share closeout reports via Wi-Fi®
  • Compact and portable featuring a durable neck strap
  • Reduce and virtually eliminate truck rolls due to contaminated and or damaged
  • Automated image centering and analysis to meet IEC61300-3-35 standards
  • All common bulkheads and connectors are supported
  • Industry leading field of view 860 x 640 microns
  • <1 micron scratch resolution
  • Free GVIS application compatible with windows, iOS and Android
  • Onboard OPM with all industry standard calibrated wavelengths
  • 635nm red laser for visual fault locating
  • Confirm bulkhead and connector ferrule condition
  • Measure optical power
  • Visually locate macrobends, broken fibers and damaged/contaminated connectors
Cat No.UPC No.Description
GAC 034B
E2000 Adapter GVIS (Bulkhead)
GAC 040B
SC Adapter GVIS (Bulkhead)
GAC 041B
SC/APC Adapter GVIS (Bulkhead)
GAC 042B
FC Adapter GVIS (Bulkhead)
GAC 043B
FC/APC Adapter GVIS (Bulkhead)
GAC 044B
LC Adapter GVIS (Bulkhead)
GAC 045B
LC/APC Adapter GVIS (Bulkhead)
GAC 046B
ST Adapter GVIS (Bulkhead)
GAC 047B
MTP/APC Adapter GVIS (Bulkhead)
GAC 048B
1.25mm Universal UPC Adapter GVIS (Ferrule)
GAC 049B
2.5mm Universal UPC Adapter GVIS (Ferrule)
GAC 050B
MTP Straight Adapter GVIS
GAC 104B
FC/UPC Adapter, 60-Degree Angled GVIS (Bulkhead)
GAC 107B
SC/UPC Adapter, 60-Degree Angled GVIS (Bulkhead)
GAC 109B
LC/UPC Adapter, 60-Degree Angle GVIS (Bulkhead)
GAC 052B
OptiTap SC/APC Adapter Cable (1”)
GAC 115B
2.5mm Universal APC Adapter
GAC 116B
1.25 Universal APC Adapter
Attribute Name Attribute Value
Field of View 630µm x 440µm
Resolution ¾ micron
Light Source Type Blue LED
Lighting Technique Coaxial
Display 3.5 in. diagonal
Battery Life 8 to 10 hours continuous
Charging Time 3 hours
Dimensions Probe – 180mm x 25mm x 19mm | Monitor – 120mm x 89mm x 32mm
Weight 0.54 kg
Operating Temperature 0º to 50 ºC
Storage Temperature -40ºC to 70 ºC