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AirScout Mobility

Cat No: ASM5-A

Mobile Network Performance Testing

Test your wireless network performance using only a mobile phone across all major technologies including 5G, LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, TETRA, P25, and several other air protocols with AirScout Mobility from Tempo. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor venues.

Cloud-based licensing not only makes our solution hardware independent, but also allows for day/month/year terms as well as instantaneous enabling of any Android phone loaded with this Tempo app.

AirScout MobilityAirScout MobilityAirScout MobilityAirScout MobilityAirScout MobilityAirScout MobilityAirScout MobilityAirScout Mobility

AirScout Mobility from Tempo allows technicians and network engineers to test the performance of their wireless networks. It can be used for both in-building networks as well as outdoor venues. A full set of tests can be performed, giving users insight into optimizing their network. Reports are uploaded real-time into the cloud. Each report can be customized according to the customer’s own criteria.

The AirScout Mobility suite consists of 3 modules:

  • AirScout Mobility – This is the base unit, and is useful for doing simple tests across a single carrier.
  • AirScout Mobility Plus – This module provides the ability to test multiple technologies in a single walk-through by collecting data from multiple mobile phones.
  • AirScout Mobility Studio – This PC based software accesses all test results, and can report the data in a variety of different ways. Every report is customizable according to user requirements.
AirScout Mobility Configuration OptionsCatalog No.Item No.
AirScout Mobility 5G - Annual License
AirScout Mobility Plus 5G - Annual License
AirScout Mobility Studio 5G Support - Annual License
Attribute Name Attribute Value
Application Indoor (floorplan input) or outdoor (Google Maps)
Phone type Android OS 12.xxx and above, unlocked (unlock dongle provided, if necessary)
Technology support 5G, LTE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, TETRA, P25, GSM, UMTS