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701K-G Tone and Probe Tracing Kit

Cat No: 701K-G

UPC No: 783310499909

Take your low-voltage wiring game to the next level with Tempo’s line of tone generator and wire tracing probe kits – essential tools for today’s wiring technician. With superior functionality, these sophisticated kits allow you to check for voltage on low-voltage circuits like telephone, data, or security alarm connections and generate a tagging tone that is picked up by the probe – giving technicians unbeatable access to hard-to-find lengths of cable.

Don’t let background noise hinder your work. Distinct Tracing Warbling Tones pierce through any environment, enabling effortless tracing in even the noisiest settings. Enjoy crystal-clear audibility for precise wire identification. LED Tone Proximity Indicator illuminates brighter the closer you get to the correct pair (i.e. the tone). The LED Work light allows you to view behind furniture, inside racks, and other dim lighting conditions.

The Tempo Communications 701K-G Kit includes a 77HP-G High Power Tone Generator, 200EP Tone Probe Amplifier, and a Rugged, Woven Nylon Carrying Case (700C). The industry-leading 701K-G allows professional technicians to identify wires from a bundle, monitor voltage passing through the circuit, check breaks in the circuit, and trace wires through walls. The generator tone injects a signal onto the cable to be traced and the tracing probe is used to trace out the wire.

Featuring overall improved internal circuitry in both the amplifier and the tone generator, all of Tempo’s tone probe kits promise to provide an enhanced customer experience for tracing and identifying single conductors or cables within bundles, either at the midpoint or at remote ends. Assembled in the USA and CE certified, our kits provide a superior technician’s experience, ensuring seamless wire tracing and identification. Trust Tempo for lasting quality and reliable results.

701K-G Tone and Probe Tracing Kit701K-G Tone and Probe Tracing Kit701K-G Tone and Probe Tracing Kit701K-G Tone and Probe Tracing Kit
  • Tone and probe tracing for voice, data, and video wiring
  • Easy to operate for quick testing
  • Reliable and rugged design
  • Large speaker for noisy environments
  • Includes a tone generator and a tone probe amplifier (different between models)
  • Comes in a sturdy nylon pouch, or woven nylon carrying case (different between models)
  • Identify wires in multi-pair cable
  • Polarity indication of telephone lines
  • Continuity test
  • Adjustable Gain Control
  • Voltage protection
  • Long lasting battery
Basic tone and probe kit with small alligator clips and nylon pouch
Classic tone and probe kit with small alligator clips and RJ45 coupler and nylon belt pouch
Classic tone and probe kit with angled-nose bed-of-nails clips and RJ45 coupler and nylon belt pouch
Attribute Name Attribute Value
Probe Specifications 200EP-G
Gain 30 db
Impedance 100 MOHM
Metal Tip Resistance 0 OHM
Plastic Tip Resistance 300 OHM
Battery One 9 VDC (NEDA 1604, // JIS 006P, or IEC 6LR61)
Battery Life > 50 Hours
Dimensions 231 mm (9.0”) x 55 mm (2.2”) x 28 mm (1.1”)
Weight 145 g (5.2 oz)
Operating Temperature 0 °C to 50 °C (32 °F to 122 °F)
Tone Specifications 77HP-G
Talk Battery 4.6 VDC
Output Power +10 dBm
Resistive Short Visual Indication < 10 KOHM
Resistive Short Audio Indication < 200 OHM
Output Alternating-890/960 Hz
Voltage Protection 150 VDC