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Tele 300C

From July 2010 an updated version of the Tele300 is being supplied to BT, called the Tele 300C, which can be ordered against the same BT item code 026578. Since October 2000 three versions of the Tele 300 have been delivered to BT.

Tele 300A
First introduced with the “Think Digital” Project back in October 2000, the Tele300A test telephone represented an upgraded tool introduced to minimise problems of network intervention in an increasingly digital network. In the presence of data traffic or non-standard voltages the Tele 300 “DigAlert” feature was intended to alarm to warn the user regarding possible connection to what was then a special circuit. Also built into the unit was a 6 second alarm override capability, provided for those situations where radio interference from faulty circuits, appearing on the pair as high frequency noise, had inadvertently triggered the data alarm.

Tele 300B
At the end of 2005 the Tele 300A test telephone was upgraded to the Tele 300B with the provision of an internal ADSL filter to allow voice communication over new ADSL circuits.

Tele 300C
As BT Openreach today continues to deploy more and more Digital Services for Communications Providers the prevalence of ADSL circuits has increased. It is now much more common to find the pair you have connected to is a digital carrier or specifically an ADSL line. Consequently, as a result of feedback from Openreach Engineers, particularly the Frames Engineers, and working with the manufacturer (Tempo) we are introducing a modification to reduce the digital alarm override to an instantaneous button press, allowing for immediate voice connection and reduced waiting time. Another change being introduced at the same time is the inclusion of a glow-in-the-dark, luminescent key pad, as an aid to visibility in darker environments. This change will be rolled out as the Tele300C, under the same item code, and with product being delivered to Magna Park in July this year.

New Features in the Tele300C
Instantaneous Data Alarm override – by pressing the Talk button

Luminescent Key Pad

DC voltage alarm:DC voltage over 75V will cause an alarm that can be over-ridden, but DC voltage over 115V cannot be over-ridden – the Tele300C will not go off-hook.

AC voltage alarm:a continuous ringing in the presence of mains voltage.

Digital Alarm:the DigAlert™ Digital Lockout and Alarm alerts the user to the presence of high frequency, inaudible signals (digital traffic) on a cable pair when attempting to go “Off-Hook” with a distinctive BeeBop BeeBop BeeBop sound. To help identification of the signal that is present on the line under test, audio monitor is active during the intervals between the BeeBop tones.

Loudspeaker Monitor a high quality loudspeaker provides clear sound output allowing the user to work without having to hold the test telephone. Transmission via the handset microphone is not possible in this mode. A volume boost capability is available when working in high noise environments

Built-in ADSL filter the Tele 300B and Tele 300C have built in ADSL filters to allow voice communication over an ADSL circuit

IP 67 Water proof the Tele 300C is built with a hardened Nautilus shell that provides for rugged field performance in all weathers. This is backed up by a 4 year warranty