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NG Harrier2 ISDN Tester

Please note:
1. The NG Harrier2 software with an integrated users manual was delivered to all laptops during a task force update download in April 2006 (the software will be located under Programmes). If you do not have the software, contact Brian Rogers on 01977 595198 who can arrange for the files to be placed on Ferit.
2. The User’s Guide is a large file (850K). You may prefer to download the Quick Reference Guide (166K)


Uniquely the NG Harrier2 Test system provides “hover” help software that can be updated to reflect current working practices to continuously improve the way an organisation deploys ISDN.

  • Can be used by a complete beginner to the world of ISDN – only requires basic PC skills.
  • Provides on the job training to meet the requirements of the individual user by presenting information on the test being conducted and how it relates to the ISDN.
  • Uses just three screens to characterise an ISDN circuit
  • Active buttons provide user feedback
  • Web page help system can be updated by the user to reflect current work practices or service deployment.
  • Customer or service specific test scripts are easily created
  • Hand held mode allows quick checks overcoming the need to boot up the PC
  • Telephone hot key makes setting up a call easier than using a “mobile”.
  • Soft-keys help the user navigate the hand held menu
  • Operates in TE mode on U, S/T, and POTS Interface
  • POTS Calling Line display and DTMF decode display
  • Powered from Rechargeable cells, ordinary batteries, line power or power adapter
  • Tests ISDN leased lines (No Protocol)
  • One key press signal and voltage test
  • Monitors the active B channel
  • Simple trace captures
  • S Bus wiring tester option
  • Passive monitor option
  • Protocol decode option
  • NT Mode NE P-P and NE P-MP option


The User’s Guide is a large file (850K). You may prefer to download the Quick Reference Guide (166K)