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Amplifier 500XP

500XP is a pair tracing probe that is designed for technicians in the world’s premier telecommunication companies. It is part of Tempo’s “Nautilus” range of tough and robust products being built compact yet highly water and impact resistant. Even in the tough environment of your telecom technician we warranty this for three years. It is built around a digital signal processing engine that can be set to different modes to eliminate noise that can often interfere with the signal you are seeking making your job that little bit easier. We have also used that signal processing capability to detect if there is any risky power hum near the tip perhaps from a nearby electrical cable, warning the user if this is found. With super high input impedance and over 30 dB of adjustable gain coupled with the large loudspeaker or headset complemented with signal strength indicating LEDs you can use this probe in the noisiest or quietest environments.

  • Water resistant (floats) and tough, combined with all the very best digital signal processing filtering 500XP will help identify signals buried in the worst of noise.
  • Simple two-button operation with dual signal strength indicating LEDs can work with any tone generator.
  • Headset allows discrete use in quiet environments and can help in acoustically noisy areas.
  • acAlert® helps warn users if brought near hazardous ac power voltages which may be inaudible if using the advanced filtering.