Introducing AirScout Spectrum

5G/mmWave Spectrum Analyzers

40 GHz Range. Light & Portable
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AirScout Spectrum can be used for noise floor, interference, and signal quality measurements on location

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Designed for field technicians installing and maintaining wireless networks.

Airscout Spectrum is designed for field engineers and technicians needing to measure RF performance. It has a rugged case, shock absorbing bumpers, and a one-hand touch GUI. It also has accuracy to +/- 1 dBm, a -120 dB DANL, and a frequency range up to 40 GHz.

Main Features

Airscout Spectrum contains all the features necessary to get the job done.


Superior RF

Industry leading -105 dBm receiver sensitivity, a DANL of -120 dB, and a wide 150 dBm dynamic range.


Rugged, Tough
Field-Ready Chassis

Our field-ready chassis is small enough for one hand operation, and rugged for demanding jobs.


Recording and

Record your RF environment and replay offline for further analysis.


High Frequency Analysis
up to 40 GHz

Measure mmWave 5G and high frequency satellite bands.


Fast Boot Up and
Easy-to-Use GUI

Save time getting to the RF measurements you need.


Full Range of Accessories
Including Horn Antennas

Get the right antenna for your frequency range.

Technical Specifications

Range up to 40 GHz. | Sensitivity down to -105 dBm