Today’s Must Have Tool for Irrigation Technicians

Introducing the 521E Wire and Valve Locator

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A groundbreaking evolution of the revered 521A® trusted by technicians for over 25 years.

With feedback from hundreds of irrigation specialists just like you, we designed the 521E Wire and Valve Locator to be the new market leader in lightweight, ultra-durable locators.

Engineered to revolutionize the location of traditional and 2-wire irrigation systems.

The 521E is a professional grade tool that combines a tough, ruggedized design with precision, speed, and reliability customized exclusively for the irrigation market.
  • Quickly and accurately locates buried wires, irrigation valves, faults in buried cable.
  • Efficiently locates underground wire breaks, large nicks, and solenoid valves.
  • Comfortable, lighter weight, ergonomic design of the receiver which can be used one handed and with gloves.
  • Tougher, ruggedized construction with a Carbon Fiber reinforced receiver.
  • Easy-to-read modern sunlight compatible LCD screens.
  • Upgraded removable transmitter makes it easier to work in tight spaces.
  • Improved efficiency on fewer batteries, and replacement of the 9 Volt battery with standard AA batteries.
  • Improved environmental sealing.
  • Precisely follows the path of buried wires.
  • Accurately determines depth of wires with the new 45-degree angle indicator.
  • Remote indication of low transmitter battery.

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Today’s Must-have Tool for Irrigation Technicians, the 521E Wire and Valve Locator from Tempo.