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CmA-360 True RMS Milliamp Clamp Meter

Cat No: CMA-360

Greenlee UPC No: 783310088592

A clamp meter measuring into the milliampere range is a necessity in today’s growing market of 2-wire irrigation. Testing and troubleshooting a wide variety of applications in the irrigation and landscape industry require test equipment that can address multiple problems and environments. The Greenlee Communications CmA-360 True RMS Milliamp Clamp Meter is useful for testing/troubleshooting applications for 2- wire irrigation systems, traditional irrigation system wiring, pump wiring, landscape lighting and a wide variety of electrical applications. 

Auto-Ranging takes the guesswork out of the equation, simply set the meter to the appropriate position on the dial to test AC volts, DC volts, Current, Milliamp current or Ohms. True RMS gives the user the ability to obtain accurate results in “dirty” power conditions, measuring current draw of a pump motor for example. Combine the True RMS with resistance measurement up to 600k Ohms and current measurement resolution to 1/1000th of a milliamp, one microamp, provides the ability to find troubles other meters may miss.

CmA-360 True RMS Milliamp Clamp Meter
Attribute Name Attribute Value
Display 4 digital Liquid display, Maximum reading 6000
Sampling Rate 2 times/sec
Battery 1.5V size AAA battery x 2
Dimensions 8.1 in x 2.9 in 1.3 in (206 mm x 76 mm x 33.5 mm)
Weight 0.6 lb (0.27 kg)